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  • Congratulations Kimberly & Eric Branch!

    Congratulations Kimberly & Eric Branch!

    Let me introduce you to Kimberly and Eric Branch. They are a fun loving, family centered and maintaining strong friendship is important to them. Kimberly & Eric were interested in finding wedding planning services to help them create their perfect wedding and reception with them. They contacted me the last Saturday in January. Since I […]

  • How to select music for your wedding & reception

    How to select music for your wedding & reception

    There are many different options available for having music entertainment at your wedding. How do you decide and select music for your wedding and reception?

  • What Bouquet is best for You

    What Bouquet is best for You

    Did you know there are many different bridal bouquet styles? You have many options to choose from!! Take a look at the different types.

  • Wedding Party Attire Options

    It is time to start designing your wedding. You have selected a date, time and hopefully your venue. Your wedding attire also speaks to you and your fiance’s design aesthetic as a couple. Typically, your wedding is the first official joint venture showing the world who you both are as a new team. Along with […]

  • Can you hold a micro/mini/elopement wedding at the courthouse?

    Going to the courthouse, and we’re, gonna get married … Given the rise of micro/mini/elopement weddings follows the rise of weddings in the backyard & courthouse weddings. Can you hold a micro/mini/elopement wedding at the courthouse? YES you can! You can have your wedding inside the building with a small number of people (10). During […]

  • Oh how sweet it is!

    Valentine themed wedding planning I remember February from childhood as the month of hearts, chocolate, doilies, lace and cards!  I loved it.  A fun decorated box to collect my cards and candy in.  As an adult, I remember sending my twin daughters to the father daughter dance.  Oh, how sweet it is to have these […]

  • You’re Engaged! How to start planning your wedding.

    You’re Engaged! How to start planning your wedding.

    You’ve been asked and you said “YES!!” Congratulations! Now what do you do to start planning your wedding? This is a continuation of the first part of an article I shared. Below is a reminder of the first few steps from the graphic above. Announce your engagement After you tell your family, share the good […]

  • Happy Birthday & You’re Engaged, Now What?

    “This is not a black holiday; it is a people’s holiday,” said Coretta Scott King after President Ronald Reagan signed the King Holiday Bill into law on Nov. 2, 1983. But in the complicated history of Martin Luther King, Jr Day, it has only recently been a holiday for all the people, all the time. […]

  • It’s the Holiday Season…

    Micro/Mini Weddings Micro or mini weddings are a thing. They are a viable and necessary thing during 2020. They will be around for a while now. I like the idea of a smaller and more intimate celebration with the people you really want to celebrate with. This also allows you to give greater focus to […]