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  • Engagement and/or Wedding Ring

    Engagement rings and wedding rings.  Do they really have to be purchased together?  Did your fiance propose and surprise you with a ring?  What’s the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?  So many questions already in the wedding journey.  Don’t worry, I have answers for you. Engagement rings Traditional engagement rings typically […]

  • Meet Linda Wheeler of Linda’s Travel Hut,LLC

    Your Honeymoon Travel Advisor Let’s talk about your honeymoon! Maybe you have some ideas or bucket list places you would like to visit.  Don’t wait to start planning your honeymoon.  I STRONGLY suggest that you contact a travel advisor to lead you through the process and to be your advocate while you are traveling. Meet […]

  • Invitation Etiquette

    Save the Date and The Wedding Invitation Suite You were asked by a special person and you said “Yes!” to that special person.  How do you let your family and close friends know that you said yes and a date has been selected?  Design a save the date and wedding invitation suite to make your […]

  • New Year’s History and Traditions

    Have you ever wondered why we use some of the images that we use to celebrate New Year’s?  Read on to learn the how and why of our New Year’s History and Traditions.  If you haven’t thought about it, just scroll to the bottom of the article for some decorating ideas. ANCIENT NEW YEARS CELEBRATION […]

  • It’s the Holiday Season…

    It’s the Holiday Season…

    December is the official kick off for the holiday season. Shopping, decorating, gifting, gathering, holiday dinner parties and so much more. Below is a suggested holiday planner to assist you staying on track and not allow yourself to be crazy busy and not enjoy the holiday season. With strategic planning you can accomplish all your […]

  • Labor Day – The end of summer is near!

    Labor Day – The end of summer is near!

    For those of you that have a wedding or event that will take place in the fall, it is time to get back to planning now that the hot summer months are ending. We have made it through the storm and it is time to get back to work. Keep reading for Labor day Fall wedding […]

  • Fabulous 4th of July – Fun, Facts, Celebrations

    Fabulous 4th of July – Fun, Facts, Celebrations

    Watch this short video to learn and know the history of the 4th of July otherwise known as Independence Day!  Take some time during the holiday weekend to learn some history of America winning its independence and gaining the 4th of July holiday. Did you know Every 4th of July the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia […]

  • Summer, Summer, Summertime!

    I hope you are all singing the song “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith (https://open.spotify.com/track/20XdEFyaUR9C7aDIdq2OAd?si=4b3349ad0058452c) like I am. Another good end of schoolyear song is “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper (https://open.spotify.com/track/5Z8EDau8uNcP1E8JvmfkZe?si=da3e720a461a4f55). Anyways, this article is not a song list. These songs and celebrating Memorial Day indicate the summer break from school for me. […]

  • How to Pick a Venue for your wedding or event!

    How to Pick a Venue for your wedding or event!

    Congratulation on your engagement or your milestone event. Whether you are newly engaged or have decided to host a celebration, you will need to select a venue for your celebration. There are some key things to consider while selecting your venue. This article will help educate you on how to pick a venue. Before you […]

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