Meet Jeryse – Owner of MJK Events

Standing at the ticket booth for Harkins Theater in Downtown Tempe.

Hi there! This is my town – Tempe. I grew up in Tempe. Most of my education has been in Tempe. I did community college in Mesa.  I have raised a family in Tempe.  I took a 7 year break from Tempe and went out to Gilbert.  I came right back to Tempe.  Tempe has the best festivals, parks & rec programs for kids and diversity of people. I am not a native but I feel as though I have earned the status.  I am 2 years shy from being a native.  Yes, we moved to Arizona when I was 2.  I was born in St. Louis, moved to Moses Lake and then to Tempe.  I love Tempe!

Here I am in front of my favorite theater, Harkins Theater.  They have the best popcorn.  This location in downtown Tempe is the original theater for them.  They started in 1933.  The family lived above the theater in an apartment.   I like this location because it has a nod to the past (while being state of the art inside) and they are cherishing their memories which is what I try to accomplish with my clients.  I listen to my clients likes and dislikes, find out what type of experience they want their guest to walk away with, educating about traditions (if necessary) or give some suggestions for substitutions for those traditions. 

I help them create an event and memories that they can share with their friends and family members for years to come.  At the end of the event, I want my clients and their family to be able to fully be present and enjoy their event as if they were a guest.  I want them to have created some memories to be able to share with their family for years to come.

Contact me today so we can start planning your next event and creating memories.

Photo – Timeless Present

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