Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Gifts

This morning I was reading an article, from Emily Post, about theme showers.  It has some great ideas.  Here were some of the themes:

1.  Wine and …. – help the couple set-up or complete a wine cabinet and party.  Maybe the couple will invite you over for cocktails.
2. Tea Party – gifts would include items for coffee, tea even cocoa.
3. Around the World – for the couple that loves to travel.  Have foods from places they have visited or would like to visit.  You could even have each person bring a recipe from a pre-selected region.
4. The great outdoors – for the couple that loves to camp, hike or just be outside.  You could get them items for a picnic basket, coordinate clothing, etc.
5. How does your garden grow – for the couple that loves to grow their own fruits and vegetables.
6.  Tools and gadgets – this would be a great event for a co-ed party.  the gifts could be his/hers tool kits, travel alarms, mini blow torch or even
7.  Entertainment – This would be for the couple that likes to entertain guests – board games, puzzles, DVD’s, CD’s, I-tunes credit, museum certificates, etc.
8.  Room of the house – Guests are given a room of the house to buy a gift for.  What a great way to furnish the couples new home.
9.  Hours of the day – Guests are given an hour of the day to buy gifts for.  This could really be fun and extremely creative.
10.  Months of the year – Guests are given a month of the year to buy a gift.
11.  Letters of the alphabet – Guests are given a letter of the alphabet to buy a gift.  This could be paired with the other themes also.
12  Bed and breakfast – Guests are asked to provide a gift for the kitchen or bedroom.  Let’s face it, during the first couple of years these are the two rooms that get the most use.
13.  Lingerie – I think this is self explanatory.
14.  Spa shower – This theme is to indulge and pamper senses.One thing to remember – with all the themes the idea is for the gift to be for both the bride and the groom.  I know it is a bridal shower, however it is a party to celebrate the wedding of the bride and groom.  If they weren’t getting married, there wouldn’t even be a bridal shower.







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