Do a Little Dance in Tempe, AZ

We all know that we need to stay physically active.  If playing sports, pumping iron or jogging is not your thing, maybe you can “do a little dance” as your exercise.  The City of Tempe offers dance classes for adults, youth and toddlers.  Everyone can move, so why not move to some music?

Through the City of Tempe and Parks and Recreation you can sign up for many different dance classes.  They offer the following classes:

  • Tots (ages 0-5) – Ballet/Tap combo, Dressed Up Dancers, Fairytale Dancers
  • Youth (ages 5-12) – Ballet Level 1 and 2, Ballet/Tap combo, Dance Mix, Ballet/Tap Combo, Hip-Hop and Jazz, Latin/Hip-Hop, Mad Hot Ballroom, Dance Party, Dance Combo
  • Teens (ages 12-18) – Ballet Level 2, Belly Dance (beginning – advanced)
  • Adults (ages 18 and up) – Beg. Ballet, Ballroom Boot Camp, Ballroom Dance, Belly Dance (beg. – advanced), Hip-Hop, Line Dance (beg. – advanced) , Singles and Couples Dance Combo, Swing Dance, Tap dance
  • Older Adults (ages 50 and up) – Line Dance, Tap Dance, Dance Exercise

For those that might be advanced in their dance career or are looking for performance opportunities there are a number of dance studios in Tempe.  Below is a list of some of the studios and their class offerings.

  1. Tempe Dance is located in South Tempe (Warner & McClintock).  They offer a combo class (Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics), Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatic & Hip-Hop.
  2. Paragon Dance Studio located in South Tempe (Elliot & Rural).  They offer Swing, Ballroom, Country Western, Latin, Wedding, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, & Hip-Hop.
  3. Express MiE Fitness & Beauty located at McClintock and Guadalupe.  This studio offers Club MiE girl, Pole-ah-tease & Princess Pointe (Ballroom, Personal training, & style/beauty lessons).
  4. Plaza de Anaya located on Broadway West of Rural.  They offer a wide variety of Belly dance and Tribal Fusion dance lessons.
  5. Rhythmic-Expressions located on McClintock just North of University.  Their class offerings are Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Yoga and Zumba.
  6. The Ballet Centre on Lakeshore South of Baseline.  This studio offers Ballet, Lyrical Jazz, Broadway, Hip-Hop, and Pointe.

If you are looking for different more interesting ways to stay fit or to start a new hobby, try taking a dance class from the City of Tempe, Parks and Recreation.  Once you find something that you like and would really like to focus on, move up to one of the Dance Studios in Tempe.

Photo credit: tom@hk | 湯米tomhk on Flickr


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